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      Welcome to The Toy Man® News & Reviews - New Inductee and Evaluation Report Summary (ERS) Announcement page, where dreams become a reality!

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    "This is just the beginning!™"
    SEPTEMBER 2013

    This Week's New Inductees and Evaluation Report Summaries (ERS) / Reviews

    Discover innovative new products that are sure to tickle a buyer's fancy!
    New Inductee
    Induction Date
      # of Products "INDUCTED"

    Friday - 27 September
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      QR Code - 09/27/2013


    New Inductee
    Induction Date
      # of Products "INDUCTED"

    Friday - 20 September
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    QR Code - 09/20/2013


    New Inductee
    Induction Date
      # of Products "INDUCTED"

    Friday - 13 September
    QR Code image for The Toy Man® Product Guide New Inductee announcement and Evaluation Report Summary (ERS)
    QR Code - 09/13/2013


    New Inductee
    Induction Date
      # of Products "INDUCTED"

    Friday - 06 September
    QR Code image for The Toy Man® Product Guide New Inductee announcement and Evaluation Report Summary (ERS)
    QR Code - 09/06/2013


    New Inductee
    Induction Date
      # of Products "INDUCTED"

    Friday - 30 August
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    QR Code - 08/30/2013


    New Inductee
    Induction Date
      # of Products "INDUCTED"

    Friday - 23 August
    QR Code image for The Toy Man® Product Guide New Inductee announcement and Evaluation Report Summary (ERS)
    QR Code - 08/23/2013


    New Inductee
    Induction Date
      # of Products "INDUCTED"

    Friday - 16 August
    QR Code image for The Toy Man® Product Guide New Inductee announcement and Evaluation Report Summary (ERS)
    QR Code - 08/16/2013

    New Inductee
    Induction Date
      # of Products "INDUCTED"

    Friday - 09 August
    QR Code image for The Toy Man® Product Guide New Inductee announcement and Evaluation Report Summary (ERS)
    QR Code - 07/26/2013



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  • Vision

    Dedicated to advancing the evolution of product development converging with marketing of innovative educational and consumer-based products.


    In short, our primary mission is to deliver the detailed, well studied, all-encompasing, and carefully studied product evaluations which buyers and consumers are looking for.


    Our Staff

    Rev. James G.W. Fisher
    First Founder, CEO, Product Evaluation Specialist and Chief Editor

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    Rev. C. H. Oliver

  • Awards

    The Toy Man® Awards
    About Our Awards

    This section is dedicated to providing information about each of our awards.  Each award is unique not just in design, but in purpose as well.  Each award is featured below with a brief description of the criteria to be met to be a recipient of it.

    The objective behind this is to enable our readers to gain a greater understanding of the value and signifigance of each award. With a greater understanding of our awards as well as our Seal of Approval, you can make more informed and effective buying decisions.

    The Toy Man® Award of Excellence

    The products and online services which become recipients of "The Toy Man® Award of Excellence" acheived an evaluation category rating average of [5] Stars, the highest level of rating available on a 1-5 scale evaluation model.  The average is based upon the overall average from all applicable evaluation categories, not just the 6 evaluation categories featured in this summary.
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    Toy Man News & Reviews
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    Telephone: 702.277.7370


    [email protected]

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