The Toy Man® 2021 Product Guide - "It's about a whole lot more than just toys!"
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The Toy Man®
LatexSafe Seal
A globally recognized emblem of trust in phthalates safety.

About The Toy Man® - LatexSafe™ Seal

It is important to understand that a product that has The Toy Man® - LatexSafe™ Seal has been independent lab tested and verified for having no Latex, (natural rubber), in accordance with Federal safety standards for products.

What Does LatexSafe™ Mean?
Latex is a natural rubber often used in apparel, childrens toys and accessories, as well as medical equipment.  In order to meet the definition of LatexSafe and not require a latex warning label under the FDA regulations, the materials, components, packaging and labeling must not contain latex, (natural rubber proteins).
Whether a corporate buyer, retailer, reseller or consumer, The Toy Man® - LatexSafe™ Seal gives that added plus to a product or service, that sets it apart from others. It assures a greater level of assurance in product safety and a higher return in investment.

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