The Toy Man® 2021 Product Guide - "It's about a whole lot more than just toys!"
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The Toy Man®
leadSafe Seal
A globally recognized emblem of trust in lead safety in products.

About The Toy Man® - leadSafe™ Seal

It is important to understand that a product that has The Toy Man® - leadSafe™ Seal, has been validated to be independent lab tested and verified for having a "safe" level of lead
has been validated as "independent lab tested", and verified for having a "safe" level of BPA; in accordance with Federal safety standards for products.

Important Details About Lead In Products
Children are exposed to lead from different sources (such as paint, gasoline, solder, and consumer products) and through different pathways (such as air, food, water, dust, and soil). Lead-based paint is the most widespread and dangerous high-dose source of lead exposure for young children and has a cumulative effect.
Whether a corporate buyer, retailer, reseller or consumer, The Toy Man® - leadSafe™ Seal gives that added plus to a product or service, that sets it apart from others. It assures a greater level of assurance in product safety and a higher return in investment.

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