The Toy Man® 2021 Product Guide - "It's about a whole lot more than just toys!"
The Toy Man®
Mom's Approved Award

    The Toy Man® - Mom Approved Award
    Women have a skill at knowing what's best

    The Toy Man® - "Mom Approved Award" captures a woman's mind and heart simultaneously with a sense of comfort. While that is all fine and good, a product "Approved" by a Mom / Woman has a more extended message implied. It signifies that it is thought of and / or spoken favorably about repeatedly. Most often times this is communicated to others.


    Without question, The Toy Man® - "Mom Approved Award" is the "Ladies Choice" so to speak, when it comes to our awards. Who would no better what's good in products than a Mom! For a Mom, a product must contribute substantially to positive skill growth and productivity in a child.

    Moms, well Women in general, tend to have a skill in identifying what's best for their children. If a product has The Toy Man® - Mom Approved Award, you know without question that it's a product that is ChildSafe and a highly valued purchase.