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    Rev. Oliver was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1925, the fifth child in a family of nine children of Smith Robinson Oliver and Blonden Ernestine Oliver.

    Graduated from Parker High School in Birmingham in 1942. Graduated from Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois in 1947 with BA in History. Served a small church in Birmingham (1947- 1948).

    Was jailed by Bull Connor in 1948 for allowing an integrated group to hold a meeting in the church I was serving. Graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pa. in 1952 with BA in Church History, and in 1953 with Masters in Church History.

    Rev. C. H. Oliver

    Ordained to the ministry in 1955 in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Served an Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Smyrna Mills and Houlton, Maine for seven years. Returned to Birmingham in 1959 and joined the Civil Rights struggle along with Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth.

    Served as Secretary of the InterCitizens Committee for five years documenting and circulating cases of alleged police brutality. Moved to Brooklyn in 1965 and became pastor of Westminster-Bethany Presbyterian Church and served for 25 years, retiring in 1992.

    Served for three years as Chairman of the Ocean-Hill- Brownsville School Board in Brooklyn, NY. Served as Stated Supply for 3 years at Kingslawn Presbyterian Church (1994-1997 in Carnarsie, Brooklyn. Served one year as pastoral assistant at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church (2003). Served three years at Church of the Covenant in Manhattan as moderator of the Session including six months as Interim Minister.

    Served for 32 years as Chaplain at the VA Medical Center in Manhattan, retiring in 2006. Vice-Chairman of National Religious Leaders of African-American Ancestry Concerned About Darfur.  Currently serving as President of the Black Solidarity Education Committee.

    Author of two books:

    NO FLESH SHALL GLORY, 1959 – Presbyterian and Reformed Pub. Co.
    CADMUS AND EUROPA, 1995 -  Vantage Press.

    Married to Ruby King Oliver in 1948. Three children are Claude Herbert, Paul Emile, and Patrice Annette. Divorced in 1982. Now married to Lorna Silvera Oliver for 27 years in May. 

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