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    Thomas D. Dickson was born and reared in Menlo Park, California. Tom graduated from Brigham Young University in 1971 with a bachelor's degree in manufacturing engineering. His first employer was Alza Pharmaceutical where Tom secured numerous patents covering everything from motion sickness patches to ophthalmic inserts.

    Tom then struck out on his own founding Kitchenetics, a high-tech kitchen appliance manufacturer. Kitchenetics' first retail product, the Kitchen Mill, an 8 pound unit rapidly replaced the industries 60 pound stone mills and closed the doors of 40 competitors in the grain mill business with its revolutionary high speed milling process.

    Thomas D. Dickson

    Tom then moved to Utah, the bread baking capital of the world, and founded K-TEC. The Kitchen Champ was Tom's next product which made 12 pounds of perfect bread dough with his invention of an “auto knead” button using computer control. The Kitchen Champ was featured on a coast-to-coast infomercial.

    In the 90’s Blendtec’s offered a solution to smoothie shops, coffee houses and restaurants by developing a high powered blender with microprocessors and preprogrammed cycles.  The blender took the smoothie industry by storm.  Tom’s inventions were so frame breaking that others emulated his technology and design.  If you have had a smoothie from a smoothie shop chances are you have tasted Blendtec’s technology.  

    Tom has always tested the strength of his machines by pushing them to the extreme.  To show the power of the blender “Will It Blend” launched in 2006 and spread virally on the net where Tom became a You Tube sensation.  “Don’t breath this”, was the first line Tom said after blending marbles and 105 Will It Blend videos later audiences still wait for the line.

    Innovation is in Tom’s blood.  He creates and builds machines to improve and simplify everyday functions.  The latest invention includes a blender, ice machine and rotating tray table.  At the press of a button the customer can select the smoothie or latté of their own choosing.  The machine makes the custom blend and delivers it on a turn table.  Many large chains are seeking more info on this “Smoothie Shop in a Box”. 

    Over the past 28 years Tom has built a company based on values, innovation, solutions and always fun.  The company is privately held employing over 200 people.  Tom is actively a part of everyday operations at Blendtec.  He is highly involved in scouting, local community affairs, humanitarian efforts and the lives of his wife, children and grandchildren.

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