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    Loop Lab Box 1 - Gross Science

    INDUCTION CERTIFICATE #:  74020201106‑678

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    Introducing Loop Lab Box 1 - Gross Science

    In today's society, Science, Technology, Education and Math, hereafter referred to as S.T.E.M., has become a primary subject of interest in education. While there are plenty of products that contribute to
    S.T.E.M. education, Loop Lab Box 1 - Gross Science breaks away from the pack. Loop Lab Box 1 - Gross Science brings forth a monumental contribution not just to S.T.E.M. education but critical skill development as well.

    The creators of the Loop Box 1 - Gross Science stated so perfectly...Each Loop Lab box is designed by the Mad Science team of experts, who have over 30 years of experience developing safety-tested and kid-approved experiments. Mad Science is the world's leading science enrichment provider."

      Additional Details and Perspectives

    With this section we will provide you with additional details and perspectives associated with the product or service being featured here. 

    Each Loop Box delivers a unique, hands-on science experience for children.  The Loop Box also provides an incredible level of versatility in use.  This can be through after-school programs, birthday parties, workshops, special events, and summer camps. Children are inspired through science, sparking lifelong imagination and curiosity.

    In our evaluation process, we found that although the 8-10 year old participants in our hands-on evaluation were roughly 10ft apart to ensure consideration of the COVID-19 concerns, it was a most unusual experience.

    By time the first experiment was done, it became a challenge to keep the kids remaining in their seats. In their excitement at seeing each experiment performed, they wanted to be right there next to the participant who was conducting their experiment.


    The simplicity of identifying and obtaining a good supply of the ingredients that came with the Loop Box kit enabled us to run a significant series of experiments. The plastic beaker, funnel, and other items were carefully sterilized for use of each successive evaluation participant. This included new medical rubber gloves for each participant.

      Consumer Hands On Evaluation

    Consumers play a vital role in the evaluation of all products submitted for review to ensure no inflection of bias.  The details featured here are established from our consumer feedback forms results.

    Thanks to a local church, we were provided with a gym at their facility to perform our consumer hands-on evaluation.
    The COVID-19 in actuality enabled us to have a much more controlled environment to work with.  This helped us with less distractions or interruptions.

    With this part of our evaluation process both parents / guardians as well as the children participating in our hands-on evaluation had impact in our labors.  An important element we  consider is if the participant is focused purely on the experiment they are getting excited about, or if there is excited interaction, either visually or verbally with their parent / guardian. This also includes if any of their fellow participants have interaction during their abundant level of excitement as they see their experiment in action.

    As you can see from the image at left, the Mad Science team of experts covered all the bases in not just the product box visual appeal. Each of the components were so carefully designed, thought out and appealing at first glance.

    Our immediate attention was the safety goggles and gloves provided. That was a common denominator of discussion amongst the parents that were present.


    Despite parents and guardians being impressed on so many levels, the consideration of safety with the safety goggles and gloves was overwhelming. for them. This was expressed both verbally during the evaluation process and in their feedback forms. submitted.

      Independent Evaluator Reports

    The details to follow are excerpts from the extensive analysis by our independent evaluation professionals. These excerpts have been paraphrased to focus on key points yet still retain simplicity for our readers to fully understand.

    Scientist / Curriculum Developer

    The Loop Box science kit serves to further assist in formulation of content understandings than the general textbook and active learning standards.  The efficacy of science kits in learning environments is improving content knowledge. This product delivers an establshed method of how science kits enhance students content understandings.

      "The Loop Box science kit is a phenomenal hands-on science tool that connects kids/students directly to STEM concepts that stimulate cognitive skill development in the user.

    Use of this science kit creates a level of motivation and emotional response well beyond the average science kits, while encouraging interaction in learning with others."

    "A key element of what makes this science kit so valuable is a combination of important details; this includes provision of real-science tools such as a plastic beaker, Erlenmeyer flask, funnel, medical grade rubber gloves and plastic goggles."

    "The science kits come with all necessary chemicals, components, and instructions to complete a successful experiment. This includes well-defined curriculum design, real-life tools. The Loop Box science kit I evaluated is completely safe for home or school. In my evaluation, I found that the product is independent lab tested and complies with US safety regulations.

    "After careful assessment and review of my study participants activity with the science kit and experiments, combined with my personal study notations, the Loop Box science kit has met all criteria needed to gain my approval.

    Score Compilation

    The process of compiling the scores from all evaluation divisions including consumer hands-on evaluation of the Loop Box science kit was a moving experience. We have never before seen so much emotion shared by Moms and Dads whose children were participants in our evaluation process. It is a momentous time we can appreciate and remember why our labors are so important for us.

    It's clear to see from all of the details provided that the Loop Box science kit truly earned the The Toy Man® Seal of Approval all accompanying awards. This is especially so for the "Mom Approved" and "S.T.E.M." Awards.

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        Target Age Group:   8 years and up

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