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    Constructive Eating Dino Line

    INDUCTION CERTIFICATE #:  74020191129‑676

    $34.95 (Bundle)


    Constructive Eating has been monumental in their creative design of plates and utensils for a number of years now, yet The Construction Plate - Dino Line, takes kids on an entirely new adventure to explore. Best of all, it's made in Made in the USA. It even includes an optional Dino Placemat and set of Dino utensils! The Dino utensils fit into associated spaces on the plate that make eating fun and easier for children.

    Color and Functionality = Creative Stimulation

    As one of our independent evaluation professional expressed, "Meal time for children can be an enjoyable period with the family or more often, 'the yucky time where parents make us eat that stuff we don't want to.'."


    Let's face the facts, children are stubborn and opinionated when it comes to eating sometimes.  It's just a phase of their growing experience.  Our independent evaluator continued with a statement that fell in line so well with that thought. 

    "The Construction Plate - Dino Line plate and utensils stimulate creative fantasy with children. It enables them to take what they don't like on their plate, and bring it into the world of their own imagination, converting it into a make believe creation that their minds will accept."


    Public opinion is vital in our evaluation of all products and the Construction Plate - Dino Line pulled through with a winning badge as far as our hands-on evaluation participants were concerned.
    In reviewing the forms filled out during our hands-on experience, we gained feedback from both the average consumer and company owners as well. The end result was nothing but an exceptional level of detailed opinions and general feedback, with nothing short of a thumbs up response across the board.


    There is nothing like original and creative design from a company that clearly demonstrates the importance of the S.T.E.A.M. concept in education today.  With this product you not only see a resourceful use of engineering  education combined with the creativity of the human mind, but a product that serves as a vehicle to take children on their own unique experience of fantasy.

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        Category:   Eating Utensils and Accessories

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