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    Felt Tales Dinosaur Days

    INDUCTION CERTIFICATE #:  74020100503‑398

    $14.95 USD


    “Dinosaur Days” takes you back to the Jurassic period in time. You can help the Brachiosaurus reach the leaves of a tall tree, swim in ocean with the Plesiosaurus, or even hunt the Triceratops with the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Kids will love this wonderfully crafted storyboard. The beauty of the product is how it provides a specifically "Themed" story board that contributes substantially to the creation of an atmosphere of creative thinking. 100% ChildSafe, the felt pieces easy attach to and adhere to ! The vibrant felt pieces, 20+ with each set, gently adhere to the felt play-board. The end result is a world of imagination without end.

        Category:   Felt Board Stories / Characters

        Target Age Group:   3 years and older

        CE Marked:   

        Independent Lab Tested:   

         Not for children under 3 years of age - Conforms to ASTM 5963-07



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