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    Introducing The Glow Bears

    INDUCTION CERTIFICATE #:  74020081020‑288

    $32.95 USD


    The Glow Bear is the “Original”. For most Teddy Bears, the story ends at night, but for the Glow Bear the story is just beginning. This bear will help any child feel safe in the dark. If a child wakes up in the night they can easily find their bear and fall back to sleep. The bears fur glows all night.

    This bear will make any child want to go to bed! Best of all, it is parent and child approved! The Glow Bear meets all US/EU standards, is RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC Compliant, and is also Hypo-allergenic.

        Category:   Animal Toys - Collectibles / Plush

        Target Age Group:   3 years and up

        CE Marked:   

        Independent Lab Tested:   




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