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    The Spooner

    INDUCTION CERTIFICATE #:  74020090316‑315

    $39.95-$49.95 USD


    "The Spooner" is a board trainer that simulates most boards sports which safely helps develop center of gravity, foot transfer skills, core and lower extremity development.

    "The Spooner" encapsulates a variable mass of definitions of fun, health, recreation, and innovative design, all wrapped up into one single product. As one of the people in our consumer hands on evaluation defined what the "Spooner" are all about..., "Yeah, they like leave snowboards and skateboards standing still Dude."

        Category:   Educational Toys

        Target Age Group:   3-12 years

        CE Marked:   

        Independent Lab Tested:   

         CAUTION: This product involves balance and injury can result from falls if used on hard surfaces.



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